Message From Dean Natural Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS) at Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad. It is a great privilege to speak to you from this platform. Here at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, our aim is to promote and cultivate the culture of practical education. We believe that when critical thinking, research, and creative activities are nurtured; only then emerges the bold pursuit of knowledge and diverse framework of perspectives. The passionate and dedicated faculty takes new and unprecedented steps to achieve laurels in academic and non-academic fields.

As Dean FNS, I believe that we are diverse and collaborative, therefore are an aspiration for our young scholars and researchers. Our mission of transformative learning experiences of students at FNS whether it is in the lab, internship, or study abroad opportunity, is an attractive feature and makes us one of the best in and out of Pakistan. Collaborations across the globe are creating fabulous research opportunities……Read More

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